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infrequently adv : not many times; "in your 1850 church you not infrequently find a dramatic contrast between the sumptuous appointments of the building itself and the inhuman barrack-like living conditions in the church room" [ant: frequently]

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  1. Not frequently.



not frequently

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at infrequent intervals, at intervals, brokenly, by catches, by fits, by jerks, by skips, by snatches, disconnectedly, discontinuously, exceptionally, exiguously, fitfully, haphazardly, hardly, hardly ever, here and there, in places, in spots, intermittently, irregularly, little, meagerly, not often, now and then, occasionally, on occasion, per saltum, piddlingly, randomly, rarely, scantily, scarcely, scarcely ever, scrimpily, seldom, skimpily, skippingly, sparsely, sparsim, sporadically, spottily, stingily, uncommonly, unfrequently, unoften, very seldom, willy-nilly
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